De iPad Nek, nieuwe (beroeps)ziekte?

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Een nieuw fenomeen in houdingsklachten: de Ipad nek, veroorzaakt door langdurig gebruik van tablet. Lees meer in onderstaand artikel

The most popular musculoskeletal disorder showing up in the news these days is “iPad neck”. It is characterized by prolonged usage of tablet computers, which results in sustained, awkward neck postures that lead to pain.

After posting record sales last quarter, it is evident that some people are moving towards replacing their pc’s with Apple’s iPad. The pain associated with extended usage of tablets is not unlike the pain you might feel from reading a book for too long.  However, because of their endless functionality people are using them for hours and hours on end.

A big concern is the prolonged usage by children. Because they are cost-effective, more and more school boards are making iPads standard in the classroom as a teaching aid.

The important thing to consider when purchasing a tablet is to carefully select the accessories you are going to use with it. With all the applications that are available, iPads are quickly becoming today’s productivity tool of choice. So when setting up your tablet pc workstation, choose your accessories carefully to reduce discomfort and avoid iPad neck!

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